Please make note of and enjoy these ten tips for avoiding Halloween costume disaster.

1. Commit to Your Costume

Don’t do it halfway. You can’t wear dress slacks with a superhero top and a mask.

Daredevil in Dockers

Daredevil Never Wore Dockers

2. Know Your Body Type

You’ve just got to know what will and will not work on your frame. View more weight challenged costumes.

Fat Princess Leia

Oh my, Princess Leia

3. Superhero Costumes are Skin Tight

This is to show off their perfect bodies. You do not and will not ever look like these fantasy characters. View more superhero costumes.

Fat Spiderman

Know Your Limits

4. Sci-Fi Bonus Humiliation

If you dress as a character from Star Wars or Star Trek, the ridicule factor is automatically doubled. View more Star Wars and Star Trek costumes.

Star Trek Costume Bones Moustache

5. Do You Have To Be A Slut?

If you’re a female, you don’t have to make every costume slutty. Seriously, how many ‘sexy cat’ costumes must we endure? View more sexy costumes.

Cosplay Cat


6. Men Should Avoid Most Animal Costumes

If you’re a male, be very careful if dressing as an animal. There are certain animals a man should never dress as, including cats, sheep or unicorns. View more animal costumes.

Man Sheep

Aren't I Cute?

7. At Least Try

Homemade costumes can be more fun and creative than store bought, but you need to put forth some effort.

Wolverine Costume Plastic Silverware

Don't cut yourself with those claws, tough guy

8. People Have Cameras

Don’t dress in something that you don’t want shared across the Internets.

Pizza Box Costume with No Clothes

Hi Mom! Thanks for college tuition!

9. Don’t Embarrass Your Children

Sure you are a wiz with the sewing machine, but perhaps your perceived costume making skills aren’t quite what you think. View more children’s costume fails.

Snail Kids

Mom, did you dress your kids as poop?

10. Behave

Don’t ruin your awesome mug shot by wearing a crappy costume.

Cow Costume Mug Shot

You're under arrest, Dairy Queen!


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  1. Tristan Neal says:

    Last one made me laugh

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