We’ve got another unknown costume folks. Please help us out and let us know what this is in the comments.

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Man Costume Odd 03

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6 Responses to Unknown Superhero Costume

  1. gordon says:

    If you look at the arms and legs,there are little “rings”…below his tummy is what might be an X.

    Would that not suggest that he is “supposed” to be Colossus of the X-men(the big Russian chappie that turns to metal)

    It looks like it,but it certainly isn’t easy to be sure.

  2. christos says:

    thats colossus 😀 no sorry “supposed to be”

  3. Costume Fail says:

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  4. Tricia says:

    He is obviously supposed to be Colossus from X-men

  5. dudeman says:

    it’s colossus… geez

  6. lhp says:

    It’s Strong Guy!

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