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I’m not sure whether the sack pulled over this baby’s face worries me or is creative. Regardless, this child dressed as Mr. T will surely grow up confused.

Mr. T Baby Costume

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4 Responses to Mr. T Baby Costume

  1. Costume Fail says:

    New post: Mr. T Baby Costume http://bit.ly/gRlUhC #babies #Mr._T #The_A_Team #Costume

  2. Tasker says:

    Confused? Why? Because his parents have a sense of humour? Your one of those do-gooders aren’t you? Church every Sunday type. GET A LIFE!

  3. RimnTimnTimn says:

    This is probably the best costume ever, no wait, not probably, it IS! If he’s confused only because he wondered how he got parents that amazing. This costume is as much an accomplishment for humanity as it was to walk on the moon. I only hope to be a parent half as great as his. I haven’t shown this to anyone who doesn’t think it’s the best thing they’ve ever seen.

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