Not a bad costume, but who the heck dresses as a Ferengi from Star Trek? Seriously?

Let the Trekkie comment bashing begin.

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Star Trek Ferengi

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3 Responses to Star Trek Ferengi Costume

  1. Costume Fail says:

    New post: Star Trek Ferengi Costume #Ferengi #Costume

  2. Barnes says:

    “Not a bad costume”, you say, so why is it up here? Anybody can be a Stormtrooper or a Klingon. How about easing up on the Trekkies….come to think of it, it IS tacky….points for imagination and originality, but….

  3. colanderhead says:

    Ferengi are MEANT to be tacky. It’s part of their charm. @^_^@

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