Batman looks like he grabbed the wrong utility belt. This looks like it belongs on an old Army outfit. Oops.

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Batman Big Army Belt

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2 Responses to Batman Utility Belt Mixup

  1. Costume Fail says:

    New post: Batman Utility Belt Mixup #batman #Utility_Belt #Costume

  2. Skeev says:

    Yeh of course – cos you have seen the tv show and the films so you know EVERYTHING…

    It the comic adventures Batman year one and The Dark Knight Returns bats is shown using the wartime style Utility belts as is shown in the wiki link.

    The costume light not be perfect and the guy might not be fit – but before you pick holes in something you know fuck all about cos you think it looks funny – just think maybe you dont know everything…oh yeh and his underwear in on the outside…hilarious…..Superheroes are funny if they dont conform to what you know about them..which is very little obviously..

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