Why is it that the children are the only ones to recognize how frightening and horrible these Easter Bunny costumes are?

Bad Easter Bunny Costume

Deluxe Easter Bunny Adult Costume
Buy: $39.99
Time Left: 17d 7h
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Bunny Tuxedo Costume Sexy SZ S/M
Bid: $0.99 (1 Bid)
Time Left: 6h 49m
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Buy: $4.99
Time Left: 17d 13h
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Bunny Top Hat
Buy: $6.41
Time Left: 14d 19h
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Bunny Sexy Adult Costume Size Large
Buy: $14.99
Time Left: 14d 12h
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One Response to Bad Easter Bunny Costume

  1. redshirt says:

    That awful costume makes ME wanna cry too, kid!

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