This shirtless chicken costume is doing a great job of scaring the dog.

Crazy Chicken Costume

Buy: $39.99
Time Left: 3d 4h
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Chicken Comfy-Wear Adult Costume
Buy: $35.98
Time Left: 8d 3h
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Emergency Chicken Noise Maker
Buy: $19.98
Time Left: 21d 4h
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Buy: $12.00
Time Left: 9d 19h
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Chicken Feet
Buy: $49.95
Time Left: 20d 5h
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Toddler Chicken Costume
Buy: $34.98
Time Left: 14d 5h
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chicken adult costume
Buy: $99.99
Time Left: 4d 8h
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Elastic Perky Chicken Tail
Buy: $19.98
Time Left: 24d 21h
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Silkie Chicken Face Mask
Buy: $11.00
Time Left: 2d 21h
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