It’s the happy furry couple. Aren’t they cute.

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Fur Couple Costumes

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4 Responses to The Happy Furry Couple

  1. Costume Fail says:

    New post: The Happy Furry Couple #Coupl #furries #furry_fandom #Costume

  2. Kyasarin says:

    I think people who dress as animals have tendencies toward beastiality. I mean, no normal man would want to fook a rabbit or a cat, right?

    • HahaNO says:

      Um, no.
      Maybe SOME people may take it to that extreme, but 99.9999999% of furries do NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT do that. People who engage in beastiality are almost always just what you’d think are normal people. Do some research please. Furries don’t think about animals that way, they only enjoy drawing anthro art, looking at it, dressing up, etc. Most are normal people and you shouldn’t judge.

    • YeahIDontThinkSo says:

      Following your flawless logic, anyone who chooses to dress up as something must be fapping to it. Halloween is full of perverts, isn’t it? Your “logic” is fail.

      You’ve apparently based your opinion on an ignorant stereotype. Learn to think for yourself, before you jump balls deep into making yourself look stupid.

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