Hmmm, I think we are starting to see a trend with these homeless Batman costumes. Here’s another one roaming the convention center.

Homeless Batman Costume

Batman The Dark Knight Gauntlets
Buy: $130.00
Time Left: 26d 11h
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Buy: $14.99
Time Left: 8d 5h
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1989 Batman Cosplay Mask
Buy: $250.00
Time Left: 25d 17h
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Joker And Batman Face Mask
Buy: $14.99
Time Left: 13d 19h
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batman mask with bonus batmobile hot wheel
Bid: $3.40 (0 Bid)
Time Left: 2d 12h
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Buy: $199.00
Time Left: 11d 9h
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Joker costume Batman
Buy: $50.00
Time Left: 19d 7h
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Batman Arkham Asylum Utility Belt
Buy: $230.00
Time Left: 3d 13h
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Batman Begins costume
Buy: $1,800.00
Time Left: 3d 15h
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Batman Animated Series Utility Belt
Buy: $110.00
Time Left: 14d 9h
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Batman Beyond Utility Belt
Buy: $85.00
Time Left: 13d 11h
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Batman Deluxe Toddler Costume
Buy: $44.98
Time Left: 25d 14h
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